Are you searching for the right agent to effectively market your commercial property for sale or lease? John Dodson is assuredly the right agent for the task. John thinks beyond merely entering your listing in a searchable database of thousands of other properties like most agents would. John uses his 17 years of marketing experience to leverage all applicable media in which to promote your property best. This marketing may require a custom website or special brochure in which to effectively communicate all of the best attributes of your property. No matter the requirement, John can look to his background in advertising and marketing and deliver the materials and marketing “know how” to give you the best odds of moving your property fast. He’s not one to do the minimum requirements and hope for the best.

“Effective marketing is being able to present the best seen and unseen attributes of a property and package those in a way the prospect can grasp. The consequence is an understanding of ALL of the distinctive characteristics of the commercial property. This produces a well-informed, trusting client who is more willing to commit to your terms as a seller.” – John Dodson
As a buyer’s agent, John Dodson appreciates your limited time to find the ideal commercial property to purchase or lease. He methodically listens to your every requirement before doing anything else. With your commercial property requirements in hand, John will sort through the thousands of possibilities in the Atlanta market. He only returns with commercial properties matching your exact specifications saving you time and frustration.

John Dodson is also an Atlanta native who has lived in several of the metro Atlanta counties. He knows his way around the city and has a good sense of growth trends. He has a real perception of what commercial properties have real potential and which ones are questionable. As an Atlanta native, John has seen the many types of commercial developments and configurations flourish and fail. He always brings to the table solid opinions with multiple options for his clients. It’s all served up with Southern gentleman hospitality and integrity.

“I’m not the type to wait for something to happen to me (good or bad). I’ll typically swing away until I get a hit. I would probably be the worst major league baseball player ever.” – John Dodson
With John, integrity comes first followed closely by effort. If you engage John as your real estate agent, you can bank on him always following through and going the extra mile to see his real estate clients succeed. For him, building the relationship is what matters most.

As many of his friends and associates will tell you, John is a person of his word who would never risk his character in any business dealings or personal relationships. Real estate transactions rely heavily on trust and confidentiality which are two of John’s more notable positive attributes. It is certain that when you engage John Dodson as your real estate agent, you will have placed your trust in a person who never lets the deal override integrity and the trust you have placed in him.