Land for Sale

Land and Lots for SaleLand in the metro Atlanta area has grown more scarce in the last few years of the real estate boom. Developers have sequestered millions of acres and built more residential and commercial developments in the previous five years than in the ten prior. Making it more important to work with a land agent who knows the market and can find value in the metro Atlanta area. View some of L&M Property Group, LLC’s most prominent listings for land.

The value in real estate is much more than finding a large tract at a reasonable price. The agent must understand value from many angles. John understands the importance and works to bring his clients deals that make sense from many perspectives. John is a real estate agent who can spot growth trends of areas and work with you to determine if the value does exist in a land deal.

John learned about land early on running bulldozers and dumped trucks in his fathers excavating business. He has firsthand worked to clear lots, build dams, dig basements, grade streets and comprehend land plans. This background helps John to appreciate and have a greater understanding of what’s truly involved in land development. Again, this is understanding value beyond numbers.

Whether you’re a commercial, residential or investment land buyer or seller, John will perform the due diligence to ensure your real estate dollars are well spent or invested. Not every deal makes sense and knowing the difference is what makes working with a land agent like John smart.