A staggering 80% or more people begin their search for real estate online. John’s knowledge and skill of online marketing is the critical component of why working with John as your real estate agent will be different. Read more to find out why or search residential listings John can show you today. John Dodson also provides free buyer’s agent services.

John was there working in the marketing arena at the dawn of the internet. His background working with companies like IBM gives him a unique insight as to some of the many untapped powers of the internet. John also prides himself on having an excellent comprehension of “web browser’s” habits and how people use the web in their everyday lives. Tapping into this knowledge to a market real estate is a natural combination of real estate and technology.

A box of flyers on the front lawn isn’t enough in this tight real estate market. Knowing how to leverage technology whether it be a property specific website or search engine optimized writing of your property’s description John can do it.

He also has a great appreciation for “well-done” design that not only informs real estate buyers but also taps into their emotional side to draw buyers in. Use of excellent photography, compelling writing, and a polished presentation are some of the critical components that John leverages for his clients.

John helps clients see the best attributes of their real estate and then packages that into attention-grabbing materials. This approach allows clients overcome some of the less appealing characteristics of their real estate and connect with buyers who may be deterred by price or other undesirable features.

Residential real estate sales are tough, and the marketing is only getting tougher. Working with John as your real estate agent will ensure you’re doing everything possible to close the sale.